Wire Stripping Machines

Wire stripping machine have made it much easier for you to use the wires as connectors. Not long ago, you have to use the mechanical connectors in order to remove the insulation.

The mechanical connectors actually take a long time in order to remove the electrical insulation. On the other hand, automatic wire stripping machines which are used to do so are pretty fast.

So, if you're searching for automatic wire stripping machines for scrap copper or whether you're looking for the manual one, these are the five options which are best for you.

A wire stripper can certainly help you in using the wire in the form in which you want within seconds. That is why it is always necessary to have a wire stripper handy.

Best Wire Stripping Machines To Buy in 2017

Here are my selection of best wire stripping machines which you can choose from. Most of these are electric or manual and thereby, providing you with an easy way to strip the wire.

Manual Copper Wire Stripping Machine

copper wire stripping machine

If you're looking for the wire stripper which actually is pretty efficient and has a patented design, this is the one which you should go for. The main advantage of this wire stripper is that you would be getting the insulation jacket separate rather than destroying it entirely. Also, the detailed guide is provided to you in order to use the wire stripper.

If you're just starting to use the wire strippers, Copper Wire Stripping Machine is the best one for you. You should definitely be going for this one if it is your 1st time using the wire stripper.


- Easy to operate

- Separate jacket and wire and the output

- Pretty small -sized


-Not suitable for insulation in different shapes

Hardin WS-1270 Manual Cable and Wire Stripper

manual cable wire stripper

If you're looking for a versatile wire stripper, with which would be able to separate any kind of insulation from the wire, this is the perfect option for you. It also provides you with various options in order to decide what thickness, the insulation is to be removed.

In this case, any type of wire which you have, can be easily separated from the insulation. If you're a professional and often strip different wires from its insulation, this one is the perfect option for you.


- Works for different gauges of wires

- Works for different shapes of insulation

- Easy to adjust the blades


-Sometimes it is difficult to adjust the blades

StripMeister Automatic Wire Stripping Machines

Automatic Wire Stripping Machines

If you're opting for a wire stripper for industrial use, you have to get one which can last for a longer period of time and which is much more robust. It can help you in removing the insulation from a variety of wires.

You can opt for removing the insulation from 18 gauge wire all the way up to 250 MCM. That is why, if you're looking for bulk industrial usage, this wire stripping machines the one which you should opt for.


- Industrial grade wire stripper

- Free extra blade

- Bble to strip different thicknesses of wire easily

- Automatic



MegaBrand Manual Wire Stripping Machine Cable Copper Stripper Black

If you're looking for precision when you're opting for wire stripper, this one is the perfect option for you. It helps you in deciding the thickness from all the 4 directions and thus enabling you to exactly strip the amount of insulation which you need.

Whether you want to strip the inside insulation or just a part of it, it is entirely up to you. Also, it is pretty compact due to which you can easily carry it around.


- Small size

- Easily portable

- High precision


-Manually operated

Yescom Motorized Scrap Cable Stripper Powered Electric Machine

Powered Electric Machine

When you're looking for removing the versatile type of insulation is, this is the perfect option for you. It is entirely motorized and therefore you would not have to do any work on your part. It might be a bit bulky but that is because of the fact that it can remove a variety of different insulation options.

Moreover, since it is electric wire stripping machine you can be sure that it would be working smoothly. As compared to the other wire stripper, it would also help you in saving power. One of the main advantages of this wire stripper is that it can strip up to 50 ft./m.


- Can strip up to 50 ft./m

- Can strip different type of insulation is

- Entirely automatic



Buyer's guide of the wire cutting machines

Why you need a wire cutting machines?

Many of the people think that the mechanical ones are easier but the fact is wire cutting machines are much more superior to them.

We would discuss with the 3 different reasons why you should opt for the wire cutting machine.

1. 100% accurate:

When you're cutting manually, it is not necessary that you would be able to remove the insulation of the entire stretch of fire.

However, when you're using the wire cutting machine you can be sure that it would be working with 100% accuracy and because of that it becomes much easier for you to remove the insulation.

2. Quick process:

When you're using the wire cutting machine, the process of removing the insulation is also much faster. You can also remove the entire insulation in a single go. This is especially useful when you're trying to remove the insulation from larger stretches of fire.

3. Completely safe procedure:

Normally, when you're really using the mechanical wire cutter, the procedure can be risky because if you're not careful, your hands can also get hurt. However, when you're speaking about using the wire stripping machines, you can be sure that the entire process would be completely safe.

Due to this very reason, you have to always opt for the wire stripping machines rather than the mechanical wire cutter.

How to choose the right wire cutting machine?

When you're looking at the wire cutting machines, there are 2 different types which you can opt for. You can either go for the laser wire stripper or you can go for the normal wire cutting machine. However, the exact machine you choose would be dependent on a few factors which we would not discuss.

1. Speed of wire stripping:

When you want to strip hundreds of metres of wire, you have to make sure that you are opting for the most quicker solution, so it becomes easier for you to strip the wire of the insulator. In such a case, you can easily opt for the wire stripping machines.

2. Type of technique used:

When you're using the wire stripping machine, you would be getting the residue of the insulator and the inside wire after passing it through the machine. When you're looking at the laser wire stripper, you would realize that it would be melting the insulation.

However, even during the melting process, there would be no damage to the inside wire. That is why you have to choose the wire stripper dependent on the technique of its operation.

3. Type of insulation:

You have to also look at the type of insulation while choosing such a machine. Oftentimes, the insulations which are pretty hard,can be easily removed with the help of the laser wire stripper.

So, when you're thinking about choosing a wire stripping machine, you have to make sure that you are looking at these 3 points and thereafter choosing the right kind of wire stripper.