Glanhelmion is a Teleri or Grey Elf of Doriath. His name means "light-skinned." He was born before the days of the sun began, just prior to the Great Journey of Elves heading to Valinor. He grew up in the hidden kingdom of King Thingol and witnessed the return of the Noldor to Beleriend.

He also witnessed the first signs of the second born (Men) as they entered into Beleriend. He has little love of the Naugrim (dwarves), for he remembers well the slaying of King Thingol at their hand, and the sacking of the city by them.

After the second kin-slaying of the Elves, Glanhelmion chose to depart into Ossiriand with the host of Elves under the banner of the new high king Gil-galad. Upon reaching Ered Lindon, Glanhelmion met and married his wife Maranwethiel.

They currently reside within the city of Caras Galadhon, deep in the wilderness of Lothlorien, where Glanhelmion focuses on the crafting of fine elvish jewelry.

115 Champion

Maranwethiel was born in year 210 of the First Age, within the Noldor city of Gondolin. Her name means "destiny."

She is the wife of Glanhelmion Arato and mother to Nithpantiel and Eruliss, their twin daughters.

As with her sister, Sidhmeldiriel, she is an experienced metalworker, but unlike her sister, she forges weapons of war.

Deep is her hate for the spawn of Morgoth. Her eyes become alit with flame at the sight of orc-kind and dragon-kind alike, as her pulse quickens to stand the tide of battle, she sings in delight at the felling of her foes.

She has seen much in her long life, and mourns the leaving of this Middle Earth. She does not know when but feels it to be soon when the pull of the sea calls her to sail into the west.

120 Lore-master

Sidhmeldiriel was one of the first Noldor born after their return to Beleriend. She was born in the city of Nevrast in the year 14 of the First Age. Her name means "friend of peace."

She was still a child when her family was moved to the hidden realm of Tumladen to the city of Gondolin, where her father worked on building the homes of the Thlim Quing Ilon (The House of the Heavenly Arch).

She is a lover of metalworking and the scribing of ancient runes. She was taught many things as a child, but most of all she relies heavily on her charisma and charm. She has a quick wit and uses it with her skills to manipulate those around her to her will.

Maranwethiel is her younger sister. She also had another sister, who died along with her parents in the year 510 of the First Age during the sacking of Gondolin by Melkor, after Maeglor's betrayal. To this day she still mourns inside, feeling she could have done more to save them.

She resides between Imladris (Rivendell) and Caras Galadhon, calling neither home. She is weary of the world and feels the calling of Valinor, but listens to her heart as it pulls her to aid the world of men one last time.

115 Rune-keeper

Of Eruliss and Nithpantiel:

The twin daughters of Glanhelmion and Maranwethiel. Both were born in the year 1240 of the Second Age. Their names mean "grace" and "youthful."

Eruliss is both a weaver of cloth and of song, both of which are expertly crafted by her. She is quite boisterous and is often the first to bring life to an otherwise quiet evening. She often acts before thinking, having landed into trouble on more than one occasion.

Nithpantiel is the polar opposite of her sister. She is shy and soft-spoken. She feels at home hiding in the corner of the room, with her planing tool in one hand and a fresh cut staff of mallorn wood in her other hand.

They have both as yet, decided on if or when they will depart for the West. Both have a deep love of the world, yet are torn by the bonds of kinship and family.

115 Minstrel and 115 Hunter

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