Maranwethiel was born in year 210 of the First Age, within the Noldor city of Gondolin. Her name means "destiny."

She is the wife of Glanhelmion Arato and mother to Nithpantiel and Eruliss, their twin daughters.

As with her sister, Sidhmeldiriel, she is an experienced metalworker, but unlike her sister, she forges weapons of war.

Deep is her hate for the spawn of Morgoth. Her eyes become alit with flame at the sight of orc-kind and dragon-kind alike, as her pulse quickens to stand the tide of battle, she sings in delight at the felling of her foes.

She has seen much in her long life, and mourns the leaving of this Middle Earth. She does not know when but feels it to be soon when the pull of the sea calls her to sail into the west.

120 Lore-master

Other Characters:

  • Denebrian 105 Elf Guardian
  • Glanhelmion 115 Elf Champion [retired]
  • Sidhmeldiriel 116 Elf Rune-keeper [retired]
  • Eruliss 115 Elf Minstrel [retired]
  • Nithpantiel 115 Elf Hunter [retired]

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