Tchin Tchin Wine & Cuisine Festival

2017 .12 . 1 ~ 2018 . 1 . 28

12 Restaurants X Taiwan's Best Sommeliers X Bordeaux Wines

The French call the art of food & wine pairing a wedding between food & wine (le mariage des vins et des mets). As an essential part of French culinary culture, the art of pairing wine with food, where the sommelier has the key role of "matchmaker", serves to enhance the taste of food and wine altogether and accomplish the miraculous sum of 1+1>2.

From Dec. 1st 2017 to Jan. 28th 2018, come and enjoy the pleasures of food & wine pairing by ordering the Menu "Tchin Tchin" available at the 12 restaurants listed below:

187 BDSG

Eslite Tea Room 誠品信義

Origines Table française

Origines 巴黎法式小酒館

BeApe 法國傳統餐酒館

朕店麻辣鍋 HotKing

肉 Ròu by THAM

豐舍 Brasserie Bonne Récolte

La Cocotte by Fabien Vergé

Rue 216 法式鄉村菜

Chateau Zoe 酒窖餐廳

Le Puzzle 法式薄餅小酒館

但馬家鐵板燒 Tajimaya Teppanyaki

Tchin-Tchin !

Ever wondered why the French say "Tchin Tchin!" when they raise their glasses before drinking? The legend says that Marco Polo and soldiers coming back from China introduced the expression to Europe first after hearing the Chinese repeat qing qing (請!請!)several times before inviting them to drink. If so, the term suits well the Tchin Tchin Wine & Cuisine festival--a celebration of culinary exchange between Europe and Asia.

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