Wine Clubs Inc.

Wine Clubs Inc. brings the best wine clubs from around the world to consumers looking to join a wine of the month club or give a wine club gift to their friends, family members or clients.

Hi, I'm Sarah Dukes, founder of I started Wine Clubs Inc. back in 2002 when my husband and I first got involved with wine clubs from the Sonoma and Napa Valley. We had just spent an amazing weekend up in the wine country and fell in love with some of the remarkable wineries up there. We signed up for two wine clubs that weekend and we've never looked back.

Since then, we've been a member of over 100 different wine clubs. Some for only a couple of months (they weren't that good) and some we've remained members for years! Some of these wine of the month clubs are from small boutique wineries like the California Wine Club and some are from major wine clubs like the Wall Street Journal Wine Club, Laithwaites Wine Club and the Virgin Wine Club.

What started as a love of wine has morphed into a passion for finding the best monthly wine clubs and sharing them with the world. Along the way, my husband and I hope to turn our passion into the largest online marketplace for wine clubs, where local mom and pop wineries get to meet consumers looking for the best wine club of the month for them.

And because we know so many people like to give wine club gifts to their friends, family members and clients, we've also created a special place for vineyards to get new members that have come to them via a wine club gift. All wineries that join our wine gift platform are encouraged to offer new customers special deals and promo / coupon codes to provide the best deal possible for them.

And because no marketplace would be complete without user reviews, we've also added the ability to our website to have real user reviews left for each and every winery that offers a wine club. These reviews will be reviewed by someone on our staff to ensure they are unbiased and honest wine club reviews.

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