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Meet Our Founder — Ms. Angél Fiorito

Angél has made leather footwear and clothing since 1977. Apprenticing in the art of custom fitted moccasins with master shoemaker Scott Taylor, she began the journey in Eugene, Oregon. During this time she also studied tailoring and patternmaking in college. Following her initial apprenticeship, Angél decided to become a teacher, taking on several apprentices—Mike Cabral, Paul Opperman, Laila Abdul, and most recently Sara LaCount.

Completing the line of sheepskin slippers and boots in 1980, WindWalkers was born. Along the way, new styles have been added, including the WaveWalkers orthotic sport sandal line in 1985.

Angél's niece, Sara LaCount joined WindWalkers in 2009 as Angél's fourth apprentice. Sara, who also attends college in Santa Rosa, carries on the WindWalkers tradition of making fine handcrafted footwear and brings fresh energy to our designs.

It's in the Family - Sara LaCount

Regarding her interest in shoemaking, Angél states, "I was influenced by my father's Italian family. My Grandfather told me that he had worked in a shoe repair shop in Italy as a boy, before coming to America.

Many members of my family are involved in aspects of the footwear industry, from shoe repairs to design and orthotics. My Uncle Don Fiorito was certified in Orthopedic footwear while serving in the Military. He has been a major influence in my learning about orthopedic materials. One of my cousins is a patternmaker for Nike and another makes Prosthetics... And now, my niece Sara LaCount is taking up the torch and working with me in shoemaking! And so it continues."

Angél's Vision

"In my years as a shoemaker, I've seen many people with painful foot problems, often caused by their shoes! Most products today are designed with planned obsolescence and are being produced faster and cheaper than ever before. Shoes made this way don't always take care of our feet or fit as well as we need.

Realizing how difficult it can be to find comfortable shoes that last, I formed a company dedicated to making the finest and most comfortable American footwear possible. Made right here in America by people who care.

WindWalkers are made with washable American leathers and because of my interest in orthopedics, I decided that custom options would also be offered for people with special needs."

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