windows server 2019

Many Businesses Are Now Considering Switching to the New Version of Windows Server

Millions of servers worldwide run outdated operating systems that drag down performance and impose liabilities of other kinds. With windows server 2019 now on the market, upgrading to the newest version of Microsoft's flagship product can easily make sense. The latest update to Windows Server includes many improvements that businesses will appreciate.

The Best Version of Windows Server Ever

Microsoft is probably best known for the various user-oriented versions of its Windows operating system. At the same time, server-focused strains of Windows have historically numbered among the company's most successful and highly regarded products.

Even when pundits and end users were griping about Windows Millennium Edition so many years ago, for instance, NT-based versions of Windows were making the jobs of server administrators easier than ever. The newest version of Windows Server continues this longstanding tradition of delivering a rock-solid product with regard to:

Performance. A server that fails to keep up with the loads given to it is one that will drag its owner's results down. The newest version of Windows Server puts a priority on performance, ensuring that investments made into hardware will pay off as much as possible. That will leave many companies looking into data center decommissioning services in order to retire older machines, a step that will support an upgrade to the new version of Windows Server well in many cases.

Security. Today's Internet is more hostile and dangerous than ever before. That is especially true for businesses with plentiful assets and valuable data to protect, as organized, savvy hackers are always waiting to pounce. Fortunately, the newest edition of Windows Server includes a wide variety of security-focused features that will make successful attacks a lot less likely.

Reliability. Certain older versions of Windows often received a justified rap for being prone to crashing and other failures. That has never been true of the server-oriented branch of the family, and the latest release of Windows Server is the most reliable yet.

A Great Time to Upgrade

Given benefits like these and many others, businesses of many kinds will do well to consider upgrading to the newly released version of Windows Server. That one move can easily make an entire company more capable and competitive.