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Two Ways Windows in Atlanta Homes Can be Made More Energy Efficient

When the time arrives for a Window Replacement Atlanta, homeowners inevitably have many choices before them. In just about every case today, energy efficiency will be an issue of particular concern for those contemplating a Window Replacement. By choosing an especially informed and dedicated Window Company Atlanta, residents can count on making the most of all the efficiency-enhancing options that are available to them.

Many Ways to Make Windows More Energy Efficient

The windows found in all homes and most other structures can be some of the least energy-efficient features of all. Even an uninsulated wall will normally outperform a crude, inexpensive window significantly with regard to its ability to keep thermal energy from moving through it.

Many of the Windows Atlanta homeowners can now choose from, however, go far beyond such unsatisfying levels of performance. There are now a number of ways particular windows can be made to control the flow of energy to reduce waste and losses. Some of the features which most often improve the energy efficiency of certain models of windows include:

Double or triple glazing. Windows that feature only a single pane of glass will always be relatively inefficient at conserving energy. Double-glazed windows that feature two layers of glass kept separated can cut down on energy usage significantly. There are even windows featuring three distinct pieces of glazing to limit the movement of heat even more. As adding even one additional layer of glass will always inflate the price of a given window, it will normally be best to weigh the associated improvements against the increased cost.

Inert gas. Most double- or triple-glazed windows have atmospheric air trapped between their layers. While air does a fairly good job of buffering against the undesirable movement of energy, there are other options. Some especially energy-efficient windows, for instance, are filled with a gas called argon before leaving the factory. This relatively simple measure can end up saving homeowners thousands of dollars on energy bills over the years.

Atlanta Area Window Experts are Ready to Provide Advice

With there being other approaches, such as the use of "low E" glass, that can also improve energy efficiency, there will inevitably be a number of related issues to consider when having a home's windows replaced. Fortunately, experts at window companies throughout Atlanta are always ready to provide information and advice to their customers. As windows will normally be replaced only quite infrequently, choosing appropriately will almost always pay off for years to come.