01/02 - 29/02/20opening: 09/02/2020 / 16:00 - 19:00

Continuously Beginning

Emilija Angelovska

In this Window_Show the artist is visually exploring the animation of a community.

Community art projects point their focus on social identity, which results in embodiment of those particular social values and stifles the evolutionary aspect of communities. Presently, Emilija Angelovska is researching narrative story-telling as a method of meaning-making to find out if it can reveal to the arts methods of engaging with communities while honoring their living nature.

The drawings are based on sketches of the community in de Pijp, Amsterdam. The stories are not explicitly stated, but rather implied through the ambiguity of the people, as they are removed from the initial context and time. The choice of the people, nature of the marks, the shape of the papers, all of these aspects give the community the chance to continuously begin in their being.