Weekly Discussion and Meditation Service

Our Weekly Service includes a 30 minute talk or discussion about a different topic each week followed by the Tendai Daily service and two periods of meditation. The Weekly Service runs every Monday evening, 6:00PM to 7:45PM (doors open from 5:45). Please assemble in the sangha room for our discussion. We move to the hondo for the daily service and meditation start around 6:30.

The Weekly Service is our sangha’s foundational service and is recommended for regular practitioners and also for people who want to learn more about who we are. This service is most appropriate for adults and older teens, although some younger children may be able to sit through this longer service and are welcome to attend with an adult to try it out.

Topics for our weekly class or discussion are listed below.

May Topics

Monday, May 6

Walking Practice

Walking is a basic activity we do every day day to get from place to place. How do we turn something so routine and functional into a meditation practice? This evening will be a practical overview of some different styles of walking practice that sangha members can use to develop peace and focus on a daily basis.

Monday, May 13

To the Pure Land and Back

In his article To the Pure Land and Back Kenneth Tanaka uses seven phases of a drowning sailor to convey the Shin Buddhist interpretation of the path to enlightenment. This evening we will discuss his article and how it connects to our own experiences.

Monday, May 20

The Four Noble Truths Then and Now

This evening we will explore the Four Noble Truths both from the historical context of Shakyamuni Buddha’s time and in the context of modern American society. Together we will consider what we can learn by investigating these two frameworks side by side.

Monday, May 27

The Brahma Net Sutra Dialogue: First Precept

In our series of conversations about the Brahma Net Sutra we explore how the ten major and 48 minor bodhisattva precepts can guide us to lead a more fulfilling life. These dialogues provide a forum for debating how and whether a particular precept should guide our actions on a daily basis.