Location & Parking

Christ Church Cathedral is in Springfield, MA at 35 Chestnut Street, near the corner of State Street. Chestnut is a one-way street. If you're driving on State Street coming from the east you can simply make a right onto Chestnut shortly after you pass the Springfield Library. However if you're coming down State Street from the west (from I-91, for example), you'll find it's illegal to make the left turn onto Chestnut from that direction. Instead you need to make a RIGHT onto Maple Street a block before Chestnut, then stay in your left lane and loop around onto Maple, which crosses State to become Chestnut.

From State Street, stay towards your left on Chestnut as you drive up a short steep hill. Just about at the top of the hill, turn left into the entrance of a parking lot that's surrounded by a low black chain-link fence:

You can ignore the "Parking by Permit Only" signs in the parking lot. We have permission to park there Thursday evenings. Park and walk across Chestnut Street into the small courtyard as shown in the above photo. Look for the church's sign next to the sidewalk leading to the courtyard.

At the end of that short sidewalk, enter the large RED doors:

Once inside, go left up a couple of stairs, then turn right and go down to the basement. Turn right at the bottom of the stairs, and you'll find us in the "San Mateo" room on the right. (There's also an elevator near the entrance - walk straight once in the building and you'll find the elevator on the left.)