Winding Path Tendai Buddhist Sangha

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Winding Path Tendai Buddhist Sangha is a meditation group that has been supporting each other in mindfulness and Buddhist practices in the heart of Springfield, MA since 2011.

We meet every Thursday at 5:00 PM in the San Mateo room of Christ Church Cathedral.

The evening starts with a 30 minute lesson/discussion led by Reverend Shingaku. After the discussion, we perform the Daily Service before engaging in two 20 minute meditation periods.

Discussion Topics for Spring/Summer 2018

The Six Perfections: A foundation of Buddhist Practice

Our discussions this spring and summer will be anchored in the Six Perfections and will build off of Dale S. Wright's book, The Six Perfections: Buddhism and the Cultivation of Character. The Six Perfections (or "Paramitas") are virtues to be cultivated to strengthen one's spiritual practice:

  • Dana (Generosity): Giving in the spiritual and material sense - this is compassion, and being dedicated to the liberation of all sentient beings.
  • Sila (Ethics and Morality): Proper behavior to ensure positive karma for oneself and others.
  • Ksanti (Patience): Tolerance of others, recognizing that all sentient beings' problems have causes.
  • Virya (Energy): Resolute effort to liberate all sentient beings.
  • Dhyana (Meditation and Contemplation): Cut through the illusion of ego, to realize one as not separate from all sentient beings and the cosmos.
  • Prajna (Wisdom): The realization of absolute truth; unity of self and others.