Sangha Leaders

Reverend Shingaku

Winding Path Sangha is led by Reverend Shingaku Jenny Henderson, an ordained soryo (Tendai lineage priest). She began practicing Buddhism in 1999. She received doshu (temple assistant) ordination in 2002 and betsuin soryo ordination in 2006 from Ven Monshin Paul Naamon. She received soryo ordination from Ven. Kojitu Kobori in 2015. In addition to leading the Winding Path, Reverend Shingaku currently serves as an Assembly Leader for the Tendai Buddhist Institute.

Outside of her role leading the Winding Path community, Reverend Shingaku works for a national education nonprofit that promotes equity for all students through a model focused on doing meaningful projects that contribute to better world.

Reverend Shingaku is originally from California and has lived in Western MA since 1993 and in Springfield, MA since 2009.

Reverend Ryushin

Reverend Ryushin Nick Karapasas, also an ordained soryo occasionally assists at the Sangha. Ryushin received doshu ordination in 1998 and betsuin soryo ordination in 2003 from Monshin, and in 2010 he again received soryo ordination from Ven. Komori Shukei. Before his involvement with Winding Path Sangha, Ryushin led a sangha in Buffalo, NY for a number of years.