Winding Path Tendai Buddhist Sangha

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Winding Path Tendai Buddhist Sangha is a meditation group that has been supporting each other in mindfulness and Buddhist practices in the heart of Springfield, MA since 2011. We meet every Thursday at 5:00 PM in the San Mateo room of Christ Church Cathedral. The evening starts with a 30 minute lesson/discussion led by Reverend Shingaku. After the discussion, we perform the Daily Service before engaging in two 20 minute meditation periods.

THIS WEEK: Thursday, June 29, 2017

NEW MEETING TIME: Our discussions will now start at 5:00 and our daily service and meditation will run from 5:30-6:45.

Evaluate your Meditation

This summer our conversations will focus on meditation practice: on the basic forms of meditation, the purpose of meditation, and on how to recognize and overcome obstacles that arise during meditation. Each week we will start our conversation from one chapter in Tricycle Magazine’s Meditation: Volume 2, a collection of articles by various meditation teachers. We will use the reading as a way to generate insights and questions for further exploration, and we will connect our discussions to Tendai Buddhist meditation practice.

This week we will be discussing “Evaluate your Meditation” by Gil Fronsdal. Please come ready to share an idea from the article that resonated with you or that confused you.

Coming soon!