Winding Path Tendai Buddhist Sangha

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Winding Path Tendai Buddhist Sangha is a meditation group that has been supporting each other in mindfulness and Buddhist practices in the heart of Springfield, MA since 2011. We meet every Thursday at 5:00 PM in the San Mateo room of Christ Church Cathedral. The evening starts with a 30 minute lesson/discussion led by Reverend Shingaku. After the discussion, we perform the Daily Service before engaging in two 20 minute meditation periods.

January - February 2018

The Beautiful Way of Life: A Meditation on Shantideva’s Bodhisattva Path

We'll start the new year by continuing our discussion of Rene Feusi’s book, The Beautiful Way of Life - A meditation on Shantideva's Bodhisattva Path This book is a condensed translation of an important Mahayana Buddhist text written c. 700 AD in Sanskrit verse by Shantideva, a Buddhist monk at Nalanda Monastic University in India.

The Beautiful Way of Life is available for purchase online. You'll find several other versions of Shantideva’s text online for free, including Stephen Batchelor’s translation here. It is not necessary to buy the book; we'll have printed copies of the chapter we're discussing available as a handout.

We'll devote two weeks to each chapter. The first Thursday we'll read the text together as a group, and then incorporate the verses into our home meditation practices during the week. The next Thursday we'll continue sharing our thoughts and feelings about the text.

Thu Jan 11: Chapter 7 "Joyous Perseverance"

Thu Jan 18: Chapter 7 "Joyous Perseverance" (continued)

Thu Jan 25: Chapter 8 "Meditative Concentration"

Thu Feb 1: Chapter 8 "Meditative Concentration" (continued)

Thu Feb 8: Chapter 9 "Wisdom"

Thu Feb 15: Chapter 9 "Wisdom" (continued)

Thu Feb 22: Chapter 10 " Dedication"

Thu Mar 1 : Chapter 10 "Dedication" (continued)