Bringing the joy and excitement of soccer to young athletes with different abilities

Fall 2018 Information

The TOPS program provides children with different abilities the opportunity to play soccer through rule and equipment adaptation. Athletes of any age are invited to participate in a modified game of soccer once a week.

A volunteer group of "Junior Coaches" serve as one-on-one buddies with TOPS athletes.

If you are interested in Winchester's TOPS Soccer program as either an athlete or junior coach, please contact Anthony Forcione, TOPS Soccer Director.

(New Junior Coaches should be in high school, however, no prior soccer experience necessary)

Fall 2018 TOPS Program - all ages

Ages: Any

Dates: Sundays: September 23 - November 11; 12:00-1:00PM

Please note: On October 7 and October 21, session will take place from 12:30-1:30.

Location: Skillings Field (next to the High School)

Cost: Free

Winchester TOPS FAQ

How does the program work?

The program works simply by matching each session a junior coach volunteer with a player. While we incorporate a few formal activities to encourage learning of soccer and basketball, that is not the focus. The goal of each session is for the coach and player to make a connection and simply have fun for the hour in any way the player wants to. For some children, it may be a very active hour of running around and for some it may be just sitting and talking or quietly playing.

When and where do the sessions happen?

Each year we will have two sessions around soccer with one starting in the spring (usually late April start) and one starting in the fall (usually late September start). We also have a basketball session which starts early in January. Each session typically runs from 6-8 weeks and occurs on Sundays with times to be announced. The soccer program has been played at Knowlton Field and basketball at Lincoln Elementary school gym, both in Winchester.

How do I register and stay connected?

For soccer, the sessions are free and require no registration. For basketball, there is a small registration fee and link to registration will be on

Given the informality of the program, I ask those who are interested to join the Winchester TOPS group page on Facebook to stay connected as I make announcements and updates to the program through that site.

Who is eligible as an athlete?

While there is no specific age limit, we welcome all athletes generally between the ages of 5 and teenagers. If you child is outside this range, please contact me to discuss.

Who is eligible as a junior coach volunteer?

Generally, we are looking for volunteers in grades 8-12. While no specific training is required, I ask that the volunteer view this as more than getting volunteer credit and as a great opportunity to connect with an athlete to allow them to participate in an athletic activity and have fun for that session. It may require a significant amount of patience depending on the disability the child is paired with. I and other coaches will be there to help.

If your child is younger than the above range and feel is mature enough, please contact me to discuss.