Wilson Middle School

Health Office

Welcome to the Virtual Health Office

I'm Nurse Joyce, and I miss seeing you in real life! Do you have anything you want to talk with the school nurse about? You can see me via zoom, or you can send an email, call, or text. I can answer health questions, send you information, or call you to talk. Just let me know what works best for you!

Your School Nurse is: Joyce Peterson RN MSN

Registered Credentialed School Nurse, Public Health Nurse

Virtual Nurse Office Hours: email me to meet up on zoom


Meeting ID: 894 0688 4665

Email: jpeterson3@sandi.net

Google Voice: 619-537-8755 (text, call or leave a message)

Wilson has someone on campus every day from 8:00-1:30 to leave a message or drop off forms. Just ring the doorbell! You can also call the school at 619-362-3400 to leave a message.

Your Health Technician is: Monica Santos HT

Monica is assigned to Wilson on Tuesdays.

Email: msantos3@sandi.net

Monica makes many of our phone calls. She speaks Spanish and English.

If the nurse or health tech are not available during virtual office hours, please contact:

Cluster Coordinator: Lisa Olmos RN MSN

Email: aolmos@sandi.net

Office: (619) 584-4344

Mobile: (619) (new number coming soon) *texting not available

Website: Crawford/Hoover Nurse Cluster Coordinator

Information Links

  • School Social Worker - Nathalie Uriarte MSW: nuriarte@sandi.net

  • Meal Pick-Up Sites: Wilson Middle School or see list:


  • Community Resources: Call 2-1-1

SAY San Diego: https://www.saysandiego.org/ Mid-City Resource Center (619) 283-9624

UPAC (Union of Pan Asian Communities): https://www.upacsd.com/about/ (619) 232-6454

  • Mental Health and Stress:

Access and Crisis Line (888) 724-7240

It's Up to Us: Up2SD - It's Up to Us San Diego

Teen Guide to Mental Health and Wellness

Teen Line Online http://www.teenlineonline.org (800) 852-8336

  • District Covid-19 Information:


  • Immunization Information:

Immunization Requirements (English):


Immunization Requirements (Spanish):


Immunization Clinic Schedule - County Health Department:


  • Medication Information and Forms:


  • Parent Learning Menu - IT Technology Support Page (Technology; Social Emotional Support; Health & Safety; Family Resources):


  • Communicable Disease Information:


  • Insurance Enrollment (Medi-Cal Access):