Wilson Middle School

Health Office

Welcome to the Virtual Health Office

Phone: 619-362-3400 ext 3050/3051

Fax: 619-362-3474

Your School Nurse is: Joyce Peterson RN MSN

Registered Credentialed School Nurse, Public Health Nurse

Email: jpeterson3@sandi.net

Google Voice: 619-537-8755 (text COVID test results)

Your Health Technician is: Elisabeth Mesa HT

Ms. Elisabeth makes many of our phone calls. She speaks Spanish and English.

Email: emesa@sandi.net

If the nurse or health tech are not available during school hours, please contact:

Cluster Coordinator: Lisa Olmos RN MSN

Email: aolmos@sandi.net

Office: (619) 584-4344

Mobile: (619) 988-6878

Website: Crawford/Hoover Nurse Cluster Coordinator

Information Links

  • Covid-19 Testing:


  • Meal Pick-Up Sites: Wilson Middle School or see list:


Community Resources: Call 2-1-1

SAY San Diego: https://www.saysandiego.org/ Mid-City Resource Center (619) 283-9624

UPAC (Union of Pan Asian Communities): https://www.upacsd.com/about/ (619) 232-6454

  • Mental Health and Stress:

Access and Crisis Line (888) 724-7240

It's Up to Us: Up2SD - It's Up to Us San Diego

Teen Guide to Mental Health and Wellness

Teen Line Online http://www.teenlineonline.org (800) 852-8336

  • Immunization Information:

Immunization Requirements (English):


Immunization Requirements (Spanish):


Immunization Clinic Schedule - County Health Department:


  • Medication Information and Forms:


  • Parent Learning Menu - IT Technology Support Page (Technology; Social Emotional Support; Health & Safety; Family Resources):


  • Communicable Disease Information:


  • Insurance Enrollment (Medi-Cal Access):