The ukulele program at Wilkinson is an extra-curricular program that is run by Melanie Doane.

Melanie Doane

Melanie is a former Wilkinson parent, and is also a Juno award winning singer and songwriter. Melanie began the ukulele program at Wilkinson in Fall 2009. Since then, her program, known as Uschool, has spread throughout Toronto schools, and now serves over 900 students throughout Toronto! Uschool is based off of Melanie's father's (Chalmers Doane) famous Ukulele in the Classroom program. Chalmers is an Order of Canada recipient for his contributions to music education.

Ukulele at Wilkinson

All ukulele classes run on Mondays. There are 3 levels at Wilkinson:

  • Beginner Ukuleles - 2 groups - 1 at lunch on and 1 after school
  • 2nd Year Ukuleles - Mondays after school
  • 3rd Year Ukuleles - Mondays at lunch

To find out more about Melanie's ukulele program, click here.