Welcome to Wild North

Wild North is a small convention for the anthropomorphic fandom, based in Northumberland, northern England, UK. Our goal is to provide a smaller, affordable convention with a particular focus on people and great company. Therefore we offer a different experience from more typical cons in our fandom.

Wild North 2021

Latest Update - 22 February 2021

We hope you are all doing well during this difficult time. The announcement from the government today (22 February), about the roadmap out of lockdown, has given us reason to think about how Wild North will go ahead this year.

It will go ahead for sure, be it physical or virtual.

We will return on the last weekend of September 2021.

We do feel, at this point, that it is too early to make an informed decision. As it stands, we wish to take a small step back and watch how things unfold over the next couple of months.

While the government has said that all restrictions should be lifted by 21 June, this is not set in stone, and this is part of the reason we wish to wait before we make a decision.

Around the end of April, we plan to review how things are going in regards to COVID-19, vaccinations, and the easing of restrictions. From there we will make a further announcement and keep you informed.

The Wild North Experience

The following gives some information about our physical events, and what to expect.


We operate as an 'all-inclusive' con. Accommodation, events, food and gifts are included with your registration.

Details will be confirmed if we decide to hold a physical event.

Registration is open to people aged 18+ on their first day at the con.

Prices (to be confirmed)

- Full: £145

- Weekend: £95

Arrive Sat morning. Depart Sun after 12 noon, or Mon.

- Day: £50 per day

Includes overnight stay. Depart by 12 noon the following day.

(All prices are per person, and include transport to/from Haltwhistle. Excluding train/bus travel.)


Featherstone Castle, Northumberland

For 2021, we are returning to Featherstone Castle, deep in the Northumberland countryside. Originally dating from the 13th Century, the Grade 1 listed building is well-equipped for groups of roughly a few dozen, and offers a great 'canvas' for tailoring events. The castle has a range of event spaces, from a spacious open ballroom to a cosy fire-lit lounge. It also comes with a large, fully-stocked kitchen for group catering, meaning we are in the unique position to offer food and meals as part of attendance. Bedrooms range in size from doubles to larger dorms, giving options for groups of all sizes.

It is worth noting, we are staying in an historical rural building, which has seen numerous additions and changes over the centuries. This makes Wild North a somewhat different experience to a regular hotel-based con. So for example, you may wish to bring extra clothing or a blanket, as autumn nights in northern England can get chilly.

Also, we have exclusive use and largely free rein over the building for the weekend. So there will also be an element of everyone putting their paws in and making this event happen - though we think that's part of the fun!

Meanwhile, click here to see some photos of our venue.

Transport by train/bus

The nearest stations are in Haltwhistle. Transport will be provided to get you to the con.


We have a range of room sizes for staying at the convention.

You can see what's available here.

You will be able to pick your room allocation after you have paid.

(Please note: attendees are required to bring their own bedding, sleeping bag, etc)


Highlights include:

- Falconry

- Swordplay classes

- Trading Post

- Outdoor excursions

- Board and card games

- Storytelling

- Werewolves card game

- Kubb Tournament - Viking lawn chess

- Open stage area - for karaoke, music and performance

- Trip to Beamish Museum - optional post con event, admission fees apply.

Or, take a look at the 2019 schedule.

If you have any other event ideas, please email us. We'd love to hear your ideas.


All food and soft drinks are included at the convention. Meals will be served buffet style.

Breakfast - All breakfasts will be a mix of Full English and cereals, with tea, coffee or juices.

Lunches and evening meals may include:

- Curry night


- Twizell Toasties

- Takeaway run - additional cost applies

(Any allergies, dietary information, or queries, please contact convention staff.)

Welcome Pack

Upon arriving, all attendees will receive a welcome pack. This will include items such as:

- Con book

- Sweets

- Drinks

- Personalised gift

Souvenir T-shirts will also be available to pre-order. These cost £14.

Terms, Conditions, and Code of Conduct

These documents will be reviewed ahead of any physical event.

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