Wildlife CAREERS

Wildlife conservation does not happen by accident. It is a concerted effort by hundreds of individuals in a variety of jobs. Many of these, like biologist and wildlife manager, are traditional jobs that students think of when discussing wildlife-related careers. However, the Department has a number of other jobs that students might not have considered. The information and links below are designed to provide students with resources to explore all of these various careers.

In addition, it is difficult for Department staff to fulfill requests for the many invitations we receive each year for Career Day events. It is our hope that these resources may provide options for schools beyond a guest speaker.


This is an ever-expanding collection of 1-2 page PDFs that highlight some of the people who do great work for Arizona's wildlife. Please check back as we update the list regularly.

  1. Small Mammals Biologist
  2. GIS Program Supervisor
  3. Invertebrate Wildlife Program Manager
  4. Raptor Management Coordinator
  5. Web Content Manager
  6. Bat Biologist
  7. Turtles Project Coordinator


The Department used to host a Wildlife Management Career Expo. This half-day event allowed high school students to hear presentations from a few different Department employees and ask questions. These presentations were recorded so that future students could access them.


Use the links below to access current employment and volunteer opportunities within the Arizona Game and Fish Department.


EcoExpress created a series of videos that highlight STEM-related careers. The ones below focus on wildlife.