Wilding Wallbeds

Hidden Wall Beds Are the Perfect Solution in Tiny Homes and Large Estates

There is an increasing trend towards smaller homes. Many people are choosing residences that require less money to build, buy and maintain in order to boost their savings accounts and have more freedom.

Of course, just because they are willing to give up some square footage it does not mean they also want to give up on their conveniences or reduce the comfort of their home. This means finding alternative solutions that fit into their lifestyle.

Hiding a Bed

There are many ways to have a bed tucked away. Fold-up cots and sofa beds are possible options, but they are not always acceptable. Cots still require storage space and are not always as comfortable as people would like.

Sofa beds are heavy pieces of furniture that restrict beds to dens or other common living space. Hiding a bed, like with Wilding Wallbeds, makes it easy to have a comfortable bed tucked away anywhere without creating any clutter.

Having it All

A creatively designed wall bed makes it possible to have one small room double as both sleeping space and workspace. There are beds that fold out when needed and fold up into a convenient desk. Shelving beds and bookcase beds prevent sacrificing an entire wall to a bed and include valuable storage that is available whether the bed is stored or in use.

Finding Extra Features

The innovative design of these beds makes it possible to have a dining table, bunk beds or hidden storage beneath the mattress as a part of the design. It is the perfect option for small homes, dorm rooms, and even larger homes.

Many people want to have additional sleeping space in their home but do not want to dedicate a room to the purpose when it will only be used a few nights each year. With Wilding Wallbeds it is possible to always welcome in unexpected guests.

One of the most desirable features of modern wall beds is that they are easy to camouflage so no one even knows they are there. Entertainment centers with remote operation of the bed and large office work centers all appear to be standard furniture without giving away the secret of what is tucked inside. The beautifully constructed beds blend with the home decor so the room design is always as elegant as the bed is convenient.