Welcome to WildBlu!


7/15/2018: Freedom's Land is CANCELED for three reasons:

  • The Engine it uses is incapable of doing many different tasks
  • Problems with exporting to Mac/Linux
  • The Engine itself is simply not very popular and hated by many people.

Thank you for understanding, Everink will now be my top priority!

5/23/2018: First "EverInk" Art is here!

5/16/2018: Our new 3D Platformer made in Unreal Engine 4, "EverInk," will have more information about it coming around the next two months, "Freedom's Land" will also have an official trailer coming out around that same time! Stay tuned!

4/3/2018: EverInk Starting in Unreal Engine 4

3/15/2018: Project Base starting in a 3D engine! Stay tuned!

3/8/2018:Project Base starting early development.

2/20/18: Have any ideas? Comment your Ideas in the new Comments/Ideas Tab!

1/27/2018: Site is created