Safety Record of Shooting Sports

Did you know Shooting Sports is 

safer than soccer or football?

A youth engaged in soccer would be 42,500 times more likely to sustain an injury requiring medical attention than a youth in 4-H Shooting Sports would be. A similar comparison suggests that a youth football player would be 167,500 times more likely than a 4-H Shooting Sports member to sustain such an injury.  As demonstrated by the data, 4-H Shooting Sports is one of the safest educational, recreational, and competitive activities in which youths can be involved. 

Rationale for the Importance of

Shooting Sports?

The rationale for introducing 4-H members to firearms, as supported by the program's priorities, focus, and commitment to safety, is multifaceted. For youths who are curious about or have an interest in archery and firearms, the 4-H Shooting Sports program (a) assures proper training in the safe and responsible use of archery equipment and firearms; (b) places youths in the care of trained, caring adults; (c) provides opportunities for quality family involvement; (d) provides positive peer groups for youths; (e) teaches youths to respect the deleterious potential of improper use of archery equipment and firearms; and (f) emphasizes respect for other people (Goodwin, 2018).