Why I am Running

Accountability and Transparency

With declining enrollment and a $5 Million projected budget deficit Cupertino Union School District has some work to do to maintain its standing as a top-notch education district. I will bring decades of accounting experience to the board with the intention of applying a fine tooth comb through the financials to identify new or expandable revenue sources and reducing or eliminating unnecessary expenses.

My wife, Jessica, has taught me so much about the importance of mental health in our schools over the last five years while she worked at Gunn, Saratoga and now Fremont High School as a school based therapist. Every student deserves a solid education no matter what and we have to support them every way we can.

Balance is very important. There must be some sort of equilibrium between studies, social interactions, extracurricular activities and hands on experience like planting a seed or walking in nature. Technology has a place in education but it cannot be the central focus. Reading actual books and writing with pen and paper are lifelong valuable skills.