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Wil Fluewelling for Cupertino Union School District 2018 FPPC # 1402371

12" x 18" Signs have arrived! May I put one in your yard? How about your window? Placement on personal property shows a deeper level of commitment from our community.

I pledge to keep these out of large sign clusters reducing the political visual pollution that is already distracting drivers at every major intersection. I will stand out from the pack!


  • South Bay AFL-CIO Labor Council
  • Santa Clara & San Benito Counties Building & Construction Trades Council
  • International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local Union 332
  • Sheet Metal Worker's International Association Local # 104
  • Soma McCandless, Governing Board President, Cupertino Union School District
  • Frank Biehl, Trustee, East Side Union High School District
  • "I believe Wil Fluewelling’s financial background and his focus on operational efficiency will strengthen the future of Cupertino Union School District." - Larry Stone, Co-founder, Cupertino Educational Endowment Foundation
  • Dean Democratic Club of Silicon Valley
  • Gary Kremen, Board of Directors, Santa Clara Valley Water District
  • Patrick Kwok, Board of Directors, Cupertino Sanitation District
  • Laurie Smith, Santa Clara County Sheriff
  • Robert McCoy, Cupertino Public Safety Commissioner
  • Orrin Mahoney, Cupertino former Mayor
  • Richard Lowenthal, Cupertino former Mayor
  • Gary Jones, Cupertino Thrives
  • Donna Austin, Community Activist
  • Jessica Wang
  • Becca & Mike Partridge
  • Dr. Stephanie & Dr. Matt Miller
  • Jane & Steve Onorato
  • J.R. Fruen
  • Sophia Chan
  • Pam Coppel
  • John Tang
  • Ioanna Kravariti
  • Julie Orr
  • Jack Wong
  • Bonnie Stearns
  • Micha Levin
  • Wennie Wang
  • Candice Kwok
  • Ethan Lipman
  • Ryan Hester
  • Kshitij Wadhwa
  • Divya Kumar
  • Shabnam & Joshua Richardson
  • Robert & Masami Prigge
  • Audra Miller
  • Kelly Tremblay Brady
  • Amy & Ming Wang
  • Alicia & Jeremy Wang
  • Eugene Cordero
  • Lori & Jonathan Abing
  • Dr. Li-hsia Wang
  • Dr. Hank Abrons
  • Jason Carmon