Wifi Display (Miracast)

It is a software that helps enable Wifi Display/Chromecast Cast Screen on devices having Android version 4.2 and greater. It "Mirrors" game or youtube screen to an external display.

MHL (HDMI) Checker

It is a tool to check MHL (HDMI) capability of this mobile.

Before you decide to buy a MHL cable/adapter , you can verify your mobile first!

MHL (HDMI) Switch

It is a widget to control MHL (HDMI) output , you can turn off TV signal in proper time.

Fast Forward YouTube

Forward for YouTube is a smart YouTube player , with fast Forward / Rewind function like DVD/VCR.

Forward for YouTube is independent player , need NOT Google Framework support .

Free Music YouTube

Free Music YouTube is the most powerful internet radio / cast client . Try it for FREE and you will love it.

Why to use Free Music YouTube

To simplify the playback operation

Night Vision Goggles VCR

Night Vision Goggles VCR / Telescope is the #1 goggles APP to enhance view in dark.

You can also increase the magnification to zoom in on details.

CD MP3 Ripper (Converter)

CD Ripper is the first FREE CD ripping APP of the Android.

It can rip CD tracks to lossless or compressed music files.

Face MSQRD -

Change Face is #1 FREE App of face changer / swap / montage / punch / prank / msqrd .