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"How can we meet our basic needs while in the same time be socially and environmentally responsible? "

By presenting you with a frame of reference of our best environnemental practices, we hope you will adopt them and make them yours!


Main objective - Zero or minimal waste impact intended for individuals, institutions, organizations, companies, corporate or political movements.

With that in mind, the goal of this wiki is to gather great initiatives and provide a single point of reference to anyone wishing to start or improve their eco-friendly lifestyle. Even though the website is primarily intended for New-Yorkers as it features an extended list of local references, we do encourage our wide community of readers to adopt a pro-active approach and edit, enhance and broaden its content to keep it relevant and up to date.

By embracing a global ecological approach and collaborative philosophy, we quickly went past and beyond the 10 traditional basic steps often presented on specialized websites. But since there already is plethora of information available out there, why would we reinvent the wheel, right?

This WiKi does not pretend to replace any other source of information, but rather compile and aggregate their relevant content. With your help and support, we will manage to get it all together all in one place and in a comprehensive manner! Please enjoy :)

Using the Wiki

The architecture of the wiki is designed to easily access eco-friendly informations. It is meant to evolve, change and adapt with the collaborative contribution of all and is continually revised. Should you notice inaccuracies, outdated informations, broken links or wish to suggest improvements, please use the suggestion form below and request to be part of the community. The more, the merrier!

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Users are responsible for the accuracy of the information posted and for verification of information that they use.