If unsure about purchasing 2nd hand equipment please talk to Frank to discuss suitability

club beginners bow, 64" excess to current requirements.

23" Pink Rio riser.

KAP limbs 16lb,



string and box.

£70 good basis to start from and then build on as you develop

contact Stephen list for more details


For Sale as one lot £250

Samick Avante 25" riser blue/black

Wood/glass limbs 18 lb

8 no Easton tribute 29" arrows

Avalon blue back-pack

Avalon blue classic Quiver

Avalon classic RH tab

Decut recurve sight


Plunger button

Easton T bow square

All in excellent condition - new June 1919

Tel Stuart on 07396 158 866

Recurve Bow set – Right handed archer £200 ono

Hoyt Horizon riser for bow – Red 25”

Fantom Fiber limbs 66’ 24lb. Fiber glass with wood graphite.

Shibuya Dual click standard extender sight (red) in soft case

Arrow rest & button

FIVICS Long rod 28” red

Legend Union flag archery backpack with arrow tube


Avalon Tec One blue Quiver with score pad

Chest guard/armguard/tab/arrow puller. All kit vgc

Various practice arrows:

x8 1616 25.5”/x6 1616 27”/x8 1816 27”/x8 1816 28”

Recurve Bow set – Right handed archer £450 ono

Sebastian Flute Ultimate Carbon riser. Carbon black 25”

Sebastian Flute Ultimate Carbon Elite limbs 66” 32lb

Sureloc Contender X-550 target sight 9” extension. Black in Sureloc hard case

Arrow rest/button/clicker

Beiter long rod with extender & v bars. Red

Large Roller/Trolley bag/backpack X500


FIVICS red Quiver with score pad

Chest guard/armguard/tab/arrow puller/finger sling

Box of misc fletchings/nocks/glue/accessories etc.


ACG x 12 1206 27”

With soft arrow case + arrow tube All kit excellent condition


Sebastian Flute Ultimate Pro Limbs – carbon & kevlar hybrid foam 66” 32lb.

Hoyt Xcel limbs short 28lb

Winstorm carbon limbs 66” 30lb

KAP ‘Winstorm’? Limbs 68” 32lb

Bow/arrow box - free

Spare Cartel sight (black) – no mounting block – useful for a beginners bow - free

Contact: Claire Barker 07872494396 or by email: clairekbarker@gmail.com




Two Recurve bow kits (added 27/10/19) £150 each set

· Purchased a couple of years ago

· 23” white riser with Red bag in one photo.

· 23” silver riser with a box in the other.

· The sets of blades, one white one silver, pictured with the sets can be swapped to suit the user.

· Only the boxed set has arrows.

Ring Emma on 07784 033233 after 6pm weekdays, or anytime weekends

FOR SALE: RECURVE BOW (added 18/6/19)

W & W Riser (right hand) 25” c/w pressure button

Hoyt Limbs 28lb draw, c/w nocked string

Cartel sight

Cartel longrod carbon stabiliser

Cartel RX-105 tripod stand, collapsible

8 x 28” Easton Platinum Plus arrows 1713 xx75

Longshot quiver c/w belt

Bracer, Arm brace, Finger tab

Negrind hard shell carry case

Purchased 2010, hardly used, excellent condition

Sale Price: £430.00 ono

Contact: Pat Baxter

07725 753422


FOR SALE: (Full Kit will not split) £350 Added 20/04/2019

Complete archery kit in very good condition.

Bow--core 1LF25in riser 66in with 24lb limbs

Arrows -- 1 set 1716

1 set1914

1 set heavier need refletching

2 Dynagen bow strings

Arten bow sight

Long rod & V-bar balance weights

2 adjustable finger tabs

Bow stand

Bow & bow sight tools

Bowstring gauge

Longshot web bow stringer

Cord bow stringer

Leather arm bracer

Archery box --hold two sets of arrows, bow and other equipment


Chest protector

Arrow puller


To include:

Fletching jig , glue , spare flights

Score pad

Bow Tuning -- book by Roy Matthews

FOR SALE: Archery Boss £25

Lightly Used

Straw target boss - square

Target faces

Contact Bryan on: 853718 or giles_homebase@btinternet.com