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The Concept of Wielerkoorts!

Information about Procycling is all around the net . Wielerkoorts! (Cyclingfever!) structures the information about news, results, games and much more .

First a newsfeed from major international news sites. So you immediately can see what is going on.

Further down the subjects of our pages , the chatbox and upcoming races by WCS.

Wielerkoorts! will be never complete, however with your help, tips and suggestions we can make it as complete as possible.. Click on thermobox to send your message.

Searchfever! searches only cycling sites to provide you with the most relevant results


Visit the the preview channels directly.Sites which offer startlists and rider programs

The Subject most dear to us. Do you like to puzzle for hours or are you bit lazier, do you want to win prices or makes the honour you happy? Find out which games suit you.

Overview of the cycling news sites and what they have to offer. Indispensable for us players.

Also at the sites of cycling teams and raceorganizations there is a lot valuable information , think about riders programs and startlists.

Most of these sites keep a database with results of riders and races. Sometimes they offer tools to compare riders.

Articles from the redaction to tell you more about a game or subject. Also the place for Partners of Wielerkoorts to present theirselves. At least once a month.

Blogs, Podcasts, Fora , livestreams and more.....


Questions , Tips and Suggestions