WiDS Regensburg

Virtual Conference (13.+14.4.2021)

Welcome to Women in Data Science (WiDS) Regensburg!


Thank you all for participating at WiDS Regensburg 2021! Your feedback has inspired us to host another conference next year, so stay tuned!

Some of our speakers have kindly agreed to publish recordings of their talks or their slides. We have put the available material here.

The goal of this conference is to showcase the exciting work that is conducted by women in the field of data science. Accomplished specialists from academia and industry with a focus on the Regensburg area will give talks on relevant topics. We are sure that the event will be a great opportunity to exchange ideas and inspire each other!

You can easily register for the conference. This ensures that you will be notified of the most important updates and that you will receive your e-tickets for the event - for free! Over 300 participants have already registered, be sure to join us!

WiDS Regensburg is an independent event organized by the Regensburg AIR Initiative to coincide with the annual Women in Data Science (WiDS) Worldwide conference organized by Stanford University and an estimated 150+ locations worldwide, which features outstanding women doing outstanding work in the field of data science. All genders are invited to attend all WiDS Worldwide conference events.