Model Rocket Astronaut and Space Enthusiast


Thank you for finding my rocket! I hope it's unintended landing wasn't a problem for you!

Wesley - Sr. Flight Engineer

Age: 10

First Flight: April 2021 (GreenEgg - MIA)


  • Loves model rockets

  • Wants to go to the moon when he grows up

  • Loves the SpaceX Program

  • Interested in NASA History

  • Favorite Space Film: Apollo 11 Documentary

Astronaut - Benjamin Oliver Campbell

Age: 25

First Flight: April 2021 (GreenEgg - Manned/Success)


  • Loves donuts

  • Isn't afraid of anything, except Jack-o-lanterns (They're so scary!)

  • Wishes to be part of the next shuttle mission

  • Has a dog named: Elon