Wisconsin Wolves

Kristi Syring, Assistant Naturalist from the Northern Kettle Moraine State Forest, puts a little twist on the story of Little Red Riding Hood. Kristi tells the tale and also about Wolves of Wisconsin.

The Video will be active on Sunday, October 25.

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Old Coot Camper Visits WYalusing state park.

Jim Sheeran aka “Old Coot Camper” visits Wyalusing State Park, Wisconsin Ridge campground and a few trails along the ridge and takes our audience with him as he journeys though the bluffs of Wyalusing State Park.

The video is available for viewing. Click on this link. Leave a comment or two in the YouTube Comment section under the video.

The staff at Wi GO Camping welcome short 5 or 6 minute video clips from our viewers that feature Wisconsin’s state parks, forests, trails, or natural areas. If you have a video clip featuring one of these areas let us know by using the contact us tab above.

WI go Camping

Wisconsin Goes Camping

The Friends of Wisconsin State Parks is proud to present a new feature - WI Go Camping. WI Go Camping, or Wisconsin Goes Camping, was formed in mid March of 2020. Beth Goeppinger was the park naturalist for Bong Recreation Area and the driving force for WI GO Camping. Beth contacted members of the FWSP Board and the Outreach Committee. Together, through many online meetings, WI GO Camping came about.

The mission of WI Go Camping is to present the natural wonders of Wisconsin state parks, forests, trails, and natural areas through short videos mostly created by Wisconsin Master Naturalists. Jonathan Ringdahl, a member of the FWSP outreach committee, is the emcee for the show. The show is written, planned and directed by the Wi Go planning committee.

The WI Go Camping planning committee continues to plan and strive to present information bout Wisconsin State Parks in an interesting and lively manner.

"WI Go Camping, is in its first year and we still have a few more programs to go before the end of the season." Randy Paske, outreach committee chair, says. "We constantly strive to reach our audience in new ways."

Let's GO Camping?

Exploring and Experiencing

WI GO Camping isn't just about camping.

WI GO Camping is all that the camping experience allows. WI Go Camping to explore new sites and new experiences. Families choose to go camping because it affords parents and children an opportunity to explore trails and educational experiences. During the latter part of 2020 it allows teachers an opportunity to explore nature and bring the outdoors to all children.

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