why vegan bags?

Unusual handbags: The story behind vegan handbags

Feeling natural: Is it possible to create a fashion that does not use animal products?

We have all heard that the use of leather or fur is immoral. Some of us have even abstained from these products as well as wool that comes from sheep. But what would vegan fashion look like? Perhaps you will be surprised that this has already been answered. A small group of vegan designers produces vegan fashion, and it is already possible to see success in terms of exposure and demand.

Chances are, if you will look around you, you'll begin to see the fashion world changing right in front of your eyes with more and more stylish vegan handbags, vegan t-shirts, vegan shoes, and what not.

"Veganism means justice for all animals."

They gave up eggs, milk, and meat. And about anything else that once had a pulse or came from something that had a pulse.

But the fact that they are vegans does not mean that they are not fashionable - they are simply more choosy. If an animal is damaged to provide clothing or a handbag this material is out of bounds, so wearing leather is out of the question. The same for wool from small lambs and for any process that involves cruelty towards animals in industrial farms.

5 Reasons to go with Vegan Handbags

  • Cruelty free - 100% friendly for animals
  • Style - Vegan handbags are so trendy right now
  • Authenticity - If you're already vegan then it's time to show it
  • For everybody - If you love animals that's good enough reason to buy a vegan bag
  • Cost effective - synthetic leather is cheaper than animal leather