WHS Biology Olympiad Club

About Us

We are a rigorous academic club at Washington High School, geared towards preparing for national-level biology exams along with preparation for other biology-related competitions.

During practices, Kahoots will be used to refresh material from student pre-readings before the start of practice, and following lectures will be supplemented by notes based off of the primary text, Campbell and Reece’s Biology 9th Edition. Practice questions will be worked into lectures to solidify understanding of lecture material.

This year, after-school practices will be held on Friday afternoons from 3:10 to 4:30 p.m in Room 55 (Mr. Bowls). Full tests with past competition problems will be completed and analyzed with club officers, including the teaching team.

Our primary goal is to help prepare students for the USA Biology Olympiad (USABO) Open and Semifinal exams. Note that while our distributed note packets and practice exams will help with the competitions, individual inquiry is the ultimate factor for success in these exams. We hope that the enthusiasm for biology fostered within the club, combined with our provided resources, will drive students to achieve their own goals.

Refer to this slideshow for an overview of our club and the Olympiad we compete in.

[Info for other competitions–ex. BioEHS–yet to be distributed]

Want To Become A Member?

Anyone with sufficient understanding of biology and/or a willingness to learn can join at any time of the year.

Also, a $10 membership fee will be collected in the beginning of the year to cover textbook, guest speaker, other resources, and registration expenses. Payments can be made through cash or check and must be given to the club treasurer within 3 weeks of attending the first meeting, along with the online submission of membership forms (with transcripts).

For those wishing to become official members after the registration period for that school year has ended, the membership fee must be paid within 2 weeks of attending a meeting to be eligible for USABO registration. This deadline may be extended or shortened depending on the USABO registration deadline.

Official members can register for the USABO, are able to access the textbook and other resources that require payment (ex. mock USABO open exam administered by Biolympiads©), and can run for officer positions.

Dates To Keep In Mind

(subject to change)

  • Registration for Open exam opens: 1nd October 2018
  • Registration Due (Google Form): 20th December 2018 (due officially by Jan 18th)
  • Choose Teams for BioEHS tournament @UC Berkeley : By 16th February 2019
  • Open Exam: 15th February 2019
  • (Officers) Deadline for mailing Open Exam to CEE: 16th February 2019
  • Open Exam scores posted on the USABO website: 8th March 2019
  • Semifinal Exam administered (if eligible): 22nd March 2019
  • (Officers) Deadline for mailing Semifinal Exam to CEE: 23rd March 2019
  • National Camp (if eligible): 22nd June to 6th July 2019 at University of California San Diego.
  • IBO (International Biology Olympiad; if selected at National camp): 14th July to 21nd July 2019 at Szeged, Hungary.