SAT Subject Tests

What are the SAT Subject Tests?

The SAT Subject tests are exams that measure knowledge in specific subject areas. There are 20 different subject tests, that are one hour long, and you receive a score similar to the SAT Reasoning test, between 200-800 points. You should have completed a high school level course or AP class in the subject before taking the test. In the case of the language tests the College Board recommends at least two years of the language before taking the test.

What subjects are the tests offered in?

Subject areas you can test in include:

• Literature • U.S. History • World History

• Math I • Math II • Biology E/M

• Chemistry • Physics • French

• Spanish • German • Modern Hebrew

• Italian • Latin

• French with Listening • Spanish with Listening

• Japanese with Listening • Korean with Listening

• German with Listening • Chinese with Listening

Should my student sign up for Subject Tests?

Consult with your guidance counselor to see what tests are appropriate for you to take. Although some colleges require students to submit Subject Tests during the application process, many do not. Make sure to check with specific colleges to see what tests are required.