A Ministry of Mosaic Church

WHOLE Recovery is a holistic recovery community that is designed to address and encompass the healing of the whole person: Spirit, Soul, and Body.

The WHOLE Picture

A Mosaic of People

A Mosaic is defined as an artistic rendering of broken tessera into a collective unified whole; or in plain words, a picture made up of many different broken pieces.

Like a intricate Mosaic, our Church community is made up of many different people with diverse social, racial, religious, cultural, and economic backgrounds who together in Christ form a beautiful WHOLE picture.

WHOLE Recovery is a community within Mosaic Church of self-identifying “broken” people who are together on a journey towards the WHOLEness that is only found in Jesus Christ. All mosaics are built upon a foundation, and our Mosaic is built upon Jesus Christ, the Master Artist Himself.

Dependence upon Jesus to orchestrate the individual healings and collective formation of a diverse and unified community is our key foundational principle.