Who Are You?


We live in fast times dominated by the what and disconnection from the who is easy.

This book is intended for you to get to know yourself better, to heal, and to re-connect to your inner compass that always shows you the right way, to re-discover the truth that you already know.

It is a present, from me to you. I do not expect anything back.

This is supposed to be a very personal journey, just for yourself. If you feel like sharing some of your insights with whomever you want, fine. If you do not, this of course is fine, too.

This book is free, do with it what you want. Please copy and distribute it, modify it, extend it, translate it, disregard it or burn it.

May it be for the best!

Your Friend


Find below all resources needed to copy and change the book, or print it yourself. All files are contained in a Google Drive folder. The booklets were created using a Google Docs Presentation and can be downloaded in PDF format for printing. If you want to modify a booklet, just save a copy in your own Google Drive and start editing.

For questions and comments contact me: littletwinklestar58@gmail.com.


Google Drive.

This is the link to the Google Drive folder containing all the documents.

Download Printable Booklets.

The following folder contains the vanilla (original) A7 booklets printable on A4 paper in PDF format. The filename suffix indicates the language, _en indicates the English version, _de the German one, etc. See above for printing instructions.