Our Mission

Mission Statement

Mdu Ntr, our ancient African language, is not a “dead language”, namely, a language that is no longer spoken, read, or written. In fact, mdu nTr has continued in these forms to various extents, such as liturgical, literary translations, spoken dialects, etc. for thousands of years until today. It has all the potential of becoming a lingua franca for African people on the continent and in the Diaspora like ancient Hebrew, which became the national language of the state of Israel. The main reason for reviving mdu nTr is the revival of Kemetic culture, for language is the embodiment of a culture. What will the revival of Mdu Ntr mean to African people? We must be the ones to define what that means.

The only way to keep a language alive is to use it in some manner, reading, speaking, liturgy, rituals etc. There is today a mdu nTr language revival already happening. We have made great progress in this endeavor. We are making a major shift in how we study, teach and and learn mdu nTr from a purely scholarly study endeavor (for the purpose of translating texts) into the realm becoming a “living language”.