No-Till Drill Rental

There are currently two No-Till drills available to rent in the White River District. Both drills are managed by the Connecticut River Watershed Farmers Alliance. Contact Steve Stocking at (802) 333-4840 to schedule drill rental.

A video describing how to use the Haybuster.

What is a No-Till Drill?

No-Till drills eliminate the need for conventional tillage to plant into sod or unprepared ground. Reducing the need for tillage improves the quality of the soil and prevents soil erosion.

How they Work

No-Till drills use Coulter disks to cut directly into soil and form a trench which is then filled with a seed. These trenches are then compacted with a press wheel in order to ensure good seed to soil contact. No-Till drills are great at planting corn, soybeans, milkweed, and most other seeds. They are also great at seeding down sod and reseeding pasture or hay fields.

How to Rent the No-Till Drill

Required Information

Before renting a No-Till drill, you must have the following information, equipment, and documents:

  • Certificate of Insurance

  • Farm Service Agency (FSA) maps of the land where you intend to use the drill

  • A tractor with at least 47hp and one hydraulic hookup (two hydraulic hookups are needed for the ESCH drill )

  • The recommended seeding depth

  • The recommended seeding rate in lbs/acre

Note: if you have trouble getting any of this information, please contact the District and we will be happy to help.

Rental Rate

The rental rate for the seeder depends on the number of acres you intend to plant and whether you are a member of the Connecticut River Watershed Farmers Alliance (CRWFA). For more information on becoming a member of the CRWFA, please visit

CRWFA Members:

    • $8/acre for over 10 acres

    • $12/acre for 10 acres or less

Non-member rate:

    • $11/acre for over 10 acres

    • $15/acre for 10 acres or less

Scheduling a Drop off

Steve Stocking, the current manager of the seeder, will deliver the drill to your property. Please contact him to inquire about availability at (802) 333-4840 or

Upon delivery

When Steve arrives with the drill, please make sure that you have all of the information and equipment listed above. Please also make sure that the person who will be operating the tractor at the time of the seeding is present at drop-off. Steve will help you calibrate the drill and show you how it works. When he has shown you how to operate the seeder, you will be required to sign a rental agreement.

When Seeding

When using the Haybuster, please refer to this guide for assistance as well as the operator manual.

When Finished

When you are finished planting with the drill, you must clean out the seed box with a vacuum, empty the hoses with compressed air, and clean the mud and dirt off of the equipment. There is an $80 cleaning fee which will be assessed if the seeder is not properly cleaned.

Haybuster 107 C

ESCH 5512

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