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The White River Guard was incorporated in May 2009 and is currently in a growth stage. As a formal group, the White River Guard participates in various re-enactment and educational events and demonstrations throughout Indiana. The focus of the group in on representation of a local militia during the 1800's with specific attention being paid to the War of 1812 and 1836 peace time. Being a group representative of a militia of the times we include civilians in our interpretation which opens the doors for families to participate in any of our events. It is the desire of the White River Guard to be family oriented and to encourage the participation of families at events. Only with the participation of families can the picture of the 1800s be vividly painted in the minds of all those we aspire to reach and inform.

Purpose and Mission

The White River Guard is formed for the purpose of providing a form and organization for the participation of individuals in the presentation of civilian militia practices and procedures within the United States of America with specific attention to the practices and procedures within the state of Indiana within the time period beginning with the earliest settlement of Indiana through the conclusion of the Civil War for the purpose of providing programs of entertainment and education to the public in various venues though re-enactment, interpretation, an presentation of living history and it is intended the corporation comply with the provisions of 501(c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code and provisions as amended from time to time.


Title / Name / Elected / Term / Term End

President / A. Owens / Jan 2019 / 1 year / Dec 2019

Treasurer / G. Mantel / 2012 / Life / Life

Secretary / E. Evans / Jan 2019 / 1 year / Dec 2019

Board Member / S. Buchanan / Jan 2019 / 3 years / Dec 2021

Board Member / B. Kriesher / Jan 2019 / 3 year / Dec 2021

Board Member / J. Payne / Jan 2018 / 3 year / Dec 2020

Board Member / D. Adams / Jan 2018 / 3 year / Dec 2020

Board Member / A. Davis / Jan 2017 / 3 year / Dec 2019

Public Affairs / A. Davis / 2015 / Life / Life

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