Apply for Support Staff

What do they do?

  • Support the foster homes/ parents and youth /Classrooms
  • Perform 1:1 work with youth on identified goals
  • Culture, social skills building, job search, mentor, recreation, teach safety/ life skills, cooking, lifebook
  • Facilitate groups with youth on various topics, activities of interest and relevance to youth needs

Our Child and Youth Worker Staff are vital to our programme success

Basic expectations for Child and Youth Worker applicants with White Rabbit Treatment Homes:

  • Experience working/dealing with Children/ Youth displaying difficult/challenging behaviours and have proven ability to be balanced and appropriate under stress.
  • Have a genuine interest in providing quality care, possess a positive attitude and be self motivated.
  • Valid driver’s license, insurance and safe vehicle.
  • Driver’s license and insurance and current driver’s abstract.
  • Field related educational diploma/degree - consideration given to 2nd/ 3rd year CYW students.
  • A current Vulnerable Sector Screening Police Clearance applications provided by White Rabbit Treatment Homes.
  • Reference checks (3 letters of reference speaking to your suitability and skills as a Child and Youth Worker - recent employers may also be contacted).
  • A Children’s Aid Society Records check from your local agency. (A release of information signed by the applicant which permits a White Rabbit representative to communicate with the child protection agency from your area or who you may have worked with in the past.)

Successful CYW applicants participate in training and observation shifts to familiarize themselves with the agency philosophy and approach.

  • Review Agency personnel Roles and Responsibilities, lines of communication, Policies and Procedures
  • The System and How it works
  • Home Safety, CFSA policies – WR procedures
  • Communication skills overview
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Giving and accepting feedback and constructive criticism
  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Behaviour Management, Coaching, How to be firm without sacrificing warmth, incentive systems and routine and rule setting.
  • Written and Verbal reporting requirements
  • Review of forms and paperwork and designing your individual home programme.

All successful CYW staff applicants begin at an Entry level with White Rabbit in casual/relief positions to assess strengths, skill sets and 'best fit' for them and for the programme.

Contact us for more information or to express an interest in applying to White Rabbit


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