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White Rabbit Foster Parents are Dedicated Skilled and Caring Individuals with varying backgrounds who have previous Education/Experience working with children and youth. Backgrounds include but are not limited to: Previous Foster Care Experience, Educational Assistants, Child &Youth Workers, Social Services Workers, Corrections, Security, School Bus Driving, Fire Fighters, Experience working with Intellectually Delayed, Brain Injury, Developmental Delays and Special Needs Workers, Personal Support Workers, Day Care Providers, Intuitive parents, Teachers, Police officers, etc. White Rabbit embraces cultural diversity and

Foster Parents are generously compensated with a tax free Per Diem that assists in covering the children’s social, recreational, cultural needs and family integration as well as their residential care, the money is not regarded as income.

There are options to Foster in your own home or in a home provided.

The criteria and selection process is designed to seek out those who are committed to providing Excellence in Care and Service to Children and Youth.


Initial contact includes:

  • Explore Experience & Background
  • Explore Motivation to foster
  • Explain who we are and what we do
  • Explain basic application process and requirements

Basic expectations and process for application to foster with White Rabbit Treatment Homes:

  • Experience working/dealing with Children/ Youth displaying difficult/challenging behaviours and have proven ability to be balanced and appropriate under stress.
  • Have a genuine interest in providing quality care, possess a positive attitude and be self motivated.
  • A parent must be available for the children 24hrs (i.e. if the home has two parents - one parent does not work outside of the home, or work is coordinated between schedules of parents for one parent to be available at the home at all times).
  • Valid driver’s license, insurance and safe vehicle.
  • Driver’s license and insurance and current driver’s abstract.
  • Educational diploma/degree if applicable.
  • Completion of a Personal Evaluation Booklet & Safe Homestudy.
  • A current Vulnerable Sector Screening Police Clearance for anyone in the household over the age of 18 years- applications provided by White Rabbit Treatment Homes.
  • A Medical authorization from your Physician indicating your suitability for being Foster Parents and for others being cared for.
  • Reference checks (Letters of reference speaking to your suitability for being foster parents (3 for single applicant 5 for couple) i.e. from: former employers, personal/family, friends other professionals – recent employers may also be contacted).
  • A Children’s Aid Society Records check from your local agency. (A release of information signed by the applicant which permits a White Rabbit representative to speak with the child protection agency from your area or who you may have worked with in the past.)
  • Make a commitment to foster the children and youth.

Following the above items are submitted and findings are acceptable Next steps are:

  • Review and interview of Personal Evaluation Booklet/Home Study.
  • Proceed to training if suitable.
  • Review Agency personnel, Roles and Responsibilities, lines of communication, Policies & Procedures.
        • The System and How it works
        • Home Safety, CFSA policies – WR procedures
        • Communication skills overview
        • Conflict Resolution
        • Giving and accepting feedback and constructive criticism
        • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
        • Behaviour Management, Coaching, How to be firm without sacrificing warmth, Incentive systems and routine and rule setting
        • Written and Verbal reporting requirements
        • Review of forms and paperwork and designing your individual home programme.
  • Meeting veteran foster parents to have candid, open discussions regarding fostering

Approval to foster with White Rabbit Treatment Homes is based upon:

  • The above requirements being met by the applicant
  • The assessment by White Rabbit Treatment Homes regarding overall ability of the applicant to effectively deal with the high needs children/youth in our programme in a professional manner.

The Home Study and training process on average takes 3 months and approximately 70 hours of contact/interviews, home visits, training (dependent on level of prior exposure to the agency).

For more information or to express an interest in fostering with White Rabbit INQUIRE HERE


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