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What is better for my Blog - SUB-FOLDER or a SUB-DOMAIN?

Blogs are a great way to direct people to your website. They also make your business become an expert in your industry. If you want to accomplish this, it is necessary to post your blog in the right place. This will put you in the first place on search engines. You need professional guidance to achieve White label SEO reviews.

There are two places where you can place your blogs. They are sub-domains and sub-folders. They are considered to be similar but there is a discussion if one can push your website to a higher rank. It is necessary to compare different comments about this topic.


A sub-domain is an extension of another domain name that is registered. It is possible to send users to a specific IP address in your hosting account. Many businesses do this because they have already acquired sub-domains for other pages on their site. One benefit of a sub-domain is that you can organize your information into a variety of sections. On the downside, if your blog is not just an informational section but rather a form of content marketing then you might split your search engine rankings from your IP address.

Many links might confuse search engines, that is a disadvantage of sub-domains. Your blog and website might have the same SLD (Second Level Domain) but search engines might separate many keywords under your sub-domain. This will reduce traffic towards your blog and as a result, the backlink strength of your website might be diluted. They also have URLs and you can enter them like a website. A sub-domain will act independently from the rest of the website.


Some opinions indicate that sub-folders are the best choice. Many results and metrics are given by different search engines. They are considered the best option because they are linked straight to the main IP address. This means your blog and main website will receive the exact same backlinks and web traffic. Search engines will not get confused and reduce your backlink strength.

It is also well-known that users recognize sub-folders. Users will be able to type a blog to the IP address and get to your blog. Sub-folders are also known as child directory and are part of a home directory.

In conclusion, Sub-domains and sub-folders are used for blogs but not both of them will produce the same results. Sub-folders are highly recommended to improve your search engine results page rankings and traffic to your website. Making the wrong decision will affect your business enormously. Both of them are content repositories and serve different purposes.

Sub-folders are most commonly used for blogs and easier to find. Search engines and users don't have a problem finding them. Search Engine Optimization is a must if you want your marketing to work and your business to thrive. For more information about these and other interesting topics visit You can find useful services, too.

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