Welcome to

Whitburn South Parish Church


We are a friendly congregation of the Church of Scotland in Whitburn, on the west side of West Lothian.

We welcome local and not so local visitors to all our services, we would also invite you to sign the visitors book in the vestibule.

We are also very pleased to be have easily accessable entrances to both the Church and Church Hall.

Sunday Service - 11am

Morning worship is held every Sunday at 11am.

A creche is available for the very young people, with the Young Church (Sunday School) catering for the older youngsters and teenagers.

Special services are held to celebrate the Communion, Harvest, Christmas and Easter festivals. Details of these can be found in the Whats On section.

Teas and Coffee are served over in the Church Hall at the close of worship. Visitors are especially welcome. This is a great chance to get to know each other and catch up. Please do stay on after the service if you come to visit.

CD of Worship Services – Copies of the worship services conducted on Sunday mornings are available for the housebound and those who are unable to attend worship. If you wish a copy or know someone who does please speak to one of the duty team members.

From time to time we do have additional services, these will be noted in the Whats On section of the site.

We endeavour to express God’s love in the way we live our lives and show love to others in the way we act and speak.

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Whats On in Whitburn South

This week

Sunday 12th October

11.00 - 12:00 noon Church Service

Tuesday 9th October

6.30pm - 8.30pm 1st Whitburn Girls Brigade (Church Hall)

Wednesday 10th October

6.30pm - 8.30pm 1st Whitburn Boys Brigade (Church Hall)


Pastoral care will be supported by our current Moderator Rev Gordon Jamieson. gdj1949@talktalk.net

If anyone requires support from Rev Gordon Jamieson, below are his contact details, as well as our Session Clark contact details.

Rev Gordon Jamison

email: gdj1949@talktalk.net

Session Clark

email: jim3059@gmail.com