Whidden Enterprises

WE believe in honesty.

You're an expert in your field. You're the number one resource for your product and service. Chances are you're not an expert in marketing, advertising, and brand planning. Luckily, we know folks who are.

Whidden Enterprises (WE) has a team that are the experts you need to level up your product, brand, and business. WE aren't out to make a quick buck on your idea. WE are committed to your side hustle, small business, or start-up brand and working in the constraints of your time, energy, and -most of all- your budget.

WE specialize on creating professional marketing plans that are made for anticipating growth.

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About Britt Whidden

Britt Whidden started Whidden Enterprises as marketing agency in after seven years of copywriting and social media management as a side hustle. Very often, corporate marketing and advertising agencies weren't looking for her skill set but liked her enough to hold her as a freelance copywriter and content creator.

Britt went full-time with WE in October of 2016. She grew up with parents who were all about the entrepreneur lifestyle and taught her business while making breakfast.