What Is The Site About?

Hi there. My name is James and I'm a relationship enthusiast. The idea behind this was simply to create a personal, ever growing megalist of free relationship resource and tools that people of every stripe and creed can use to alleviate their pain. I'm seriously done with super expensive counsellors, who are actually just marketers, that are hellbent on leeching every last penny from you in a time of grief.

So. Here we are. If you have any resources to add send them my way. Assuming they are free, and the service is counselling related one way or the other.

Who Are You?

Hi, I'm James

My name is James Nelmondo, and I am the author of the Unknown Breakup's Relationship advice. A decade-old free relationship resource (and still going strong) featuring no-nonsense advice. I focus on the nitty gritty side of relationships rather than propagating more relationship voodoo.