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Upcoming Events

February 17th-21th Leadership Disney Retreat

February 24th-28th- Selling tickets for the talent show

February 28th- Wheeler's Got Talent

February 28th- Officer Application Due

February 28th- AHA Heart Day

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As a team we serve to make every student and faculty member have a experience in which they will not ever forget. We strive to do our best in providing the greatest possible events and activities for both the school and community.


As a team we do not limit our ideas to just what the executive officers have to offer. With aid from the student body, we are able to take account for their perspectives and we can then incorporate them into the actual plan


As a team we have a responsibility and part of that is leading by example. We have to stay on top of our tasks and accomplish our goals. With dedication, students are then motivated to do well themselves.

Become an officer today! Make your mark on Wheeler!

Potential Applicants,

It is that time of the year again. With the year coming to a close, we must reflect on everything that we have done and look to the future. We are extremely proud of all that we have accomplished, but all good things must come to a close.

It is time to pass on the torch and select the officers for the 2020-2021 year. This year, we will be selecting class and executive officers for the upcoming year. Please see the corresponding process for the role you are applying for. Please note that you may not apply for both executive officer and class officer.

Executive Officer Process

  1. Complete executive officer application
  2. Applications will be reviewed by organization sponsors
  3. Approved applications will signup for interview
  4. Complete interview
  5. Results will be announced in April

Class Officer Process

  1. Complete class officer application
  2. Applications will be reviewed by class sponsors
  3. Approved list of applications released in March
  4. Approved applicants may run for office
  5. Elections will be held in March
  6. Results will be announced in April

Good Luck!

Student Government Executive Board

Our Current Projects

Wheeler's Got Talent

Student Government is aiding Habitat for Humanity and Drama to put on Wheeler's annual talent show on February 28 at 6:00 PM!

CATS Spring Celebration

Student Government is renovating Wheeler's pep rally to celebrate spring activities. Come out and see out first annual Spring Celebration on April 2!

EOTY Banquet

Come see our end of the year leadership banquet. Dates are to come as we near our event! We will be passing the torch at this event to our new officers.