The Wheatland Books

Our newest book,

Before Wheatland

tells the story of Wheatland before it became a city.

It was written by local author, Ron Jauch, and is now available.


($15.00 book + $1.16 sales tax + $2.66 shipping)


The Wheatland Hop Riot book commemorates

the 100th Anniversary of the Wheatland hop riot in 2013.


($15.00 book + $1.16 sales tax + $2.66 shipping)


The Pictorial History of Wheatland includes historical photos of

Wheatland, its citizens, buildings, and activities.


($22.00 book + $1.71 sales tax + $2.66 shipping)


The Wheatland 1874-1974 book was originally published

for the Wheatland Centennial.


($15.00 book + $1.16 sales tax + $2.66 shipping)

Purchase a book at the Wheatland History Museum

or send your name and address

with a check for the appropriate amount


Wheatland Historical Society

P.O. Box 164, Wheatland, CA 95692

The Wheatland Historical Society was formed in 1974 for the centennial of the founding of the city of Wheatland.

It was active until 1991. During its active period it identified historic buildings, places and events, and had several plaques installed for identification. In 2006 the original non-profit corporation was reestablished. One of its first major projects was to complete a pictorial history with Arcadia Publishing, and in the process collected over 2,500 pictures and many items and articles on the history of Wheatland.

A committee of six members from the historical society authored both the Arcadia book and the Hop Riot book on behalf of the society. Those six members were Ron Jauch, Jamie Newman, Rick Paskowitz, Jane Stineman Paskowitz, Chris Bogdanoff Bare, and Pat Camarena. The members of the committee represent families who have been in Wheatland since the 1850s and continue to live in the area today. The historical society hopes to preserve and protect as much of the colorful history of Wheatland as possible.