What's Killing Jamestown

All items needed for "What's Killing Jamestown?" a 7th grade interdisciplinary project using Document Based Questioning and Cellular programming software.

created by Calandra Lyons, Shannon Smith, Alison Vanarsdalen and Brielle Viscidi

Click on the link that says "Cellular" here.

Download the starter code here. Make sure to press the "download" down arrow and drag downloaded file into Cellular.

This is the presentation that students will follow when they are using the programming software "Cellular"

What's Killing Jamestown Cellular Guide

The Document Based Question Resource. This has all the articles, analysis questions and background information for What's Killing Jamestown. Click this link to access this resource.

Learning Segment Graphic Organizers

These are the student resources such as graphic organizers for before during and after the learning segment.