Planetary Wars - 2025 is an NFT based, space wars strategy game.

Planetary Wars - 2025 Prepared by JasseeNFT Labs in 2021. Players can get announcements and new version features from our official website.

All Planetary Wars - 2025 universes consist of three classifications these are galaxies, systems and planets. The universes consist of galaxies from 5 to 9, each galaxy contains 499 solar systems and each solar system contains 15 planets. The duration may vary depending on the distance of sending a fleet to different galaxies. Each player starts on a random planet. It is randomly coordinated between 4 and 12 slots in a system and within the galaxy.

There are 3 types of sources: metal, crystal and deuterium. These are used to build warships. These resources determine the cost of warships. Prices for resources may vary over time.

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