What is Seo

Why you would want to rank using SEO and SEO is search engine optimization also known as organic search you also may as hear us say organic listings we’re going to talk a little bit about why you would want to rank your website in organic search okay what is search engine optimization.

So you can get your website ranked number one and then we’re gonna finish that off with the do’s and don’ts of. SEO so let’s get right to it and talk about why SEO so we’re gonna use a basic example and let’s just say you have a blog.

You’re a food blogger you’re passionate about food and your niche is ice cream and let’s just say you have a lot of ice cream recipes. You want to get traffic to your blog you want people to read your blog and you’re curious.

Why am I not ranking for my blog why when people type in ice cream recipes and say Google my blog post don’t appear at the top of organic rankings and there’s a number of reasons why you wouldn’t be ranked for.

Your blog post or your ice cream recipes and the main reason would be your competitors. So there could be somebody else out there who is also passionate about ice cream and has been blogging.

Along a longer than you and they have more content and more blog post and more pages for Google to rank. So that’s usually the number one reason the other reason is improper usage of keywords and we’re going to talk a little bit tor it’s actually. A lot more about you know keyword usage in your content so what kind of keywords do you want to rank for that’s really.

What we’re talking about when we talk about usage of keywords what keywords do you want to rank for and how do we work. Those keywords into the content another reason is poor link building practices and really that means our other blog post or other websites linking to you also.

Are you linking to other pages on your website and so it’s all about link building and with link building. It’s internal linking so are we linking from one blog post to another and it’s external linking or other web sites of high quality linking to us and so that’s what we talk about. When we talk about link building and then another reason is web page load time so you could be running your blog post on say WordPress.

For example and your blog post isn’t loading fast enough well if you look at it this way think about it if your. Google would you really want to rank a website or blog post in this example number one. On Google rankings if that particular page loaded very slow no you wouldn’t because when somebody clicked on that link in organic search and went to your website.

They’re gonna have a bad experience because the page is going to load slow so Google doesn’t want their users to have a bad experience. You don’t want your users to have a bad experience and so that’s why web page load time is a critical factor for ranking. So we need to make sure that our web pages load fast and then your user experience is not good enough.

So Google again based on about the web page load time Google wants people to have a good experience. When they go from their search engine to your website and there’s a lot at play there specifically web page load time but also you know Google doesn’t want any spam content.

Google doesn’t want any pop-ups or overbearing ads on the web page. They want people to or searching for something in particular let’s just say ice cream recipes and they want to find a relevant website that has ice cream recipes.

They want to be able to click on that link and read some good content about ice cream recipes. It’s that simple and that’s really what Google’s trying to create in their environment and that’s you as an end-user as a website owner.

You want your users to have a good experience and then last but not least your website is the indexed by mistake and really what we mean is the indexed as Google. Needs to be able to index all the pages on your website so if you have a blog with 100 suppose you want Google to have access to all 100 recipes so we’re going to talk a little bit later about.