What is an Aggressive Act?

Researchers want to find out what causes people to be aggressive and what can be done to prevent it. Findings like these can be used to create anti-bullying programs as well as address issues such as how to reduce acts of aggression between countries.

But before we can study aggression researchers have to first be sure they understand what is meant by an "aggressive act". You may think you know exactly what "being aggressive" means in real life. But let's see if you really do.

In this activity you'll see some short clips from a Bugs Bunny cartoon called "Rabbit Season/Duck Season". You'll be asked about the aggressive acts you see in the clip. We'll show your results as well as responses from other people on the web.

NOTE: we will NOT be asking you for any identifying information. Responses to these questions will be completely anonymous. It should only take 5 minutes to participate in this study and of course it's completely voluntary.

We hope you enjoy participating and that you learn something about aggression and psychological research along the way.

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This is an online version of an activity created by Meredith E. Kneavel (LaSalle University), Joshua D. Fetterman (Chestnut Hill College), and Ian R. Sharp (Chestnut Hill College)